It’s surprising how easy it is these days to line up all the components necessary for a residential-scale photovoltaic array. Solar panels can be purchased on Amazon (among other places) and tracking systems are readily available, too. If you have the land or your roof isn’t right for your needs, Arizona-based Schletter makes a ground-mount kit for up to 2.5 kW of solar PV and it can be purchased for under $1,000.

The 2.5 kW FS Kit — introduced this year in response to customer feedback — has all the solar mounting hardware, posts, rails, and clamps for $892 (standard load) or $953 (high load), plus shipping. PV panels are sold separately, and orders before noon ship the same day.

Schletter says they have the first complete ground mount system to meet UL 2703 and UL 1703 requirements. The system requires two concrete foundations, and Schletter can provide a stamped permit package for most states.

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