Guy or girl, you’ve probably had the occasion to wear a business suit, right? If you have, you know what it’s like to have a good suit — the material, the cut, the look, the feel. It’s a great feeling, and that’s how Dieter Roskini describes his experience living in the first Passivhaus in Germany, according to a new video called Passive Passion.

Passive Passion is a 22-minute documentary by Charlie Hoxie about energy-efficient buildings with a specific focus on Passivhaus, or what’s called Passive House in the United States. It’s quite interesting and certainly makes a case for ultra-efficient multifamily structures.

That said, one should take the LEED comments with a bit of caution. Martin Holladay already noted one stretch of the truth in the video with respect to Passivhaus buildings being certified based on actual energy-use data. LEED, let’s remember, is a green building standard that may not be as strong as Passivhaus when it comes to energy efficiency, but there’s an argument for LEED’s superiority in terms of certifying for water efficiency, materials use and reuse, environmental air quality, and the location of a building. This is probably why some teams pursue both certifications in tandem.

In any event, this is a great intro to Passivhaus for anyone that’s interested. The video can be viewed online here, or purchased as a digital download ($12) or DVD ($15 plus shipping and handling).