When Hulger launched a designer CFL called the Plumen, most of the design world went crazy for the product.  So perhaps it will be with the new Nature LED bulb by JUSTLED.  The bulb was on display at Dwell on Design, to the excitement of certain design blogs, and presents what could be the best way to go naked (or exposed) with a LED light bulb.

The award-winning Nature bulb is dimmable, outputs 300 lumens, and uses 4.5 watts of energy.  It’s the equivalent of something less bright than a 40-watt incandescent, though the estimated life is expected to be around 40,000 hours (~40x the life of an incandescent).

I’ve emailed JUSTLED for more information including pricing and potential availability of the LED bulb in the United States.  Upon hearing back from them, I’ll update this article.

[+] More about this Nature LED bulb by JUSTLED.

Credits: JUSTLED.