Zola European Windows recently sent us a press release with information about their new array of windows and doors made in a CAD/CAM facility in Europe.  The company is owned by Florian Speier, a Swiss architect and Certified Passive House Consultant, and headquartered in Colorado to serve U.S. and Canadian customers.  The aim is to provide products that are durable, energy-efficient, airtight, beautiful, and affordable.

Popular products include Tilt & Turn Windows and Lift-Slide Doors, although Zola also has other products such as casement windows, entry doors, folding glass walls, tilt-slide doors, and patio doors.

Zola offers windows in both wood (pine, meranti, or oak) and clad versions with wide variety of stains and paint finishes.  The windows have three levels of efficiency: Classic, Thermo, and Thermo+.

Classic is a double-glazed window with a U-value of about 0.18 BTU/hr/ft2; Thermo is a triple-glazed window with a U-value of about 0.09 BTU/hr/ft2 — ideal for net-zero and high-performance homes; and Thermo+ is a triple-glazed window with a U-value of 0.13 BTU/hr/ft2 and a SHGC of 0.50 for Passive House packages, according to Zola.

Zola ships everything direct from the factory in Europe, so customers should expect about 13 weeks lead time, depending on the end location.

In addition, delivery requires a flat-rate payment of $4,800, so small orders wouldn’t make much economic sense. But in terms of pricing, uPVC products are about $35 psf and Thermo+ clad products are about $65 psf, subject to unit size, etc.

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Credits: Zola European Windows.