This is Sweet Pea, a 550-square foot tiny houseboat in Olympia, Washington.  It’s also the first houseboat certified by Built Green — coming in with 3-Stars — and was built by owner Mike Auderer of Olympia Construction.

Auderer built the hull with 3/4″ of plywood covered by a 1/2″ of fiberglass and the tiny house sits on top of that.  Construction photos are posted on his company’s Facebook page.

Inside the tiny house, there’s an LG washer/dryer combo, two-burner induction cooktop, and several other modern amenities.  Auderer is making these floating houseboats for others, and would sell a version like this for ~$150,000 (turnkey model, just move in).

[+] More about Sweet Pea and Affordable Floating Homes.

Credits: Affordable Floating Homes.