Loll Designs recently announced a new line called the Rapson Collection.  As background, it turns out that Toby Rapson, son of the famous Ralph Rapson (architect of Greenbelt Case Study House No. 4), met Loll at an AIA event in Minneapolis and decided to work with the company to resurrect certain of Rapson’s chairs originally designed for Knoll in the 1940s.  Loll and Rapson-Inc. came up with a couple prototypes and shared them at ICFF and Dwell on Design this year.

The result is a comfy collection that includes a high back rocker and low back lounge to begin with.  More Rapson designs will be released in the future.

In terms of pricing, the high back rocker (without arms) and low back lounge (with arms) sell at Loll Designs for $999 and $1099, respectively.  The rocker is made with 344 old milk jugs and the lounge is made with 332.

Minnesota-based Loll Designs creates modern outdoor furniture with recycled materials.  The company uses 100% recycled HDPE, or milk jugs, which can be used with a vivid palette of Loll colors.

[+] More about the Rapson Collection at Loll Designs.

Credits: Loll Designs.