Push Design made news with a beautiful Hemp House in Asheville, North Carolina.  It received significant media attention — notwithstanding a multitude of jokes conflating industrial hemp and marijuana.  Now, hemp is being used for more projects, as shown in the above video from CBS Minnesota.  Due to strict regulations, hemp is imported and mixed with water and lime to create a light, insulating, concrete-like mass for walls.

Proponents of hemp as a building material say it’s non-toxic, mold-resistant, mildew-resistant, non-flammable, formaldehyde-free, and perfect for people with chemical sensitivities.

So there’s a movement abreast in the United States to allow hemp growth so that, for example, the plant can be used to create more affordable building materials.  Makes sense, right, local production!  There’s also a movie documentary in the works — Bringing It Home — about industrial hemp, healthy homes, and a greener future for America.

If you’re aware of an issue with hemp that requires a prohibition on domestic growth, by all means, share that below.  Otherwise, everything I’ve read speaks to nothing but benefits, especially when used as a building material.  So if you have a hemp material or project, share it with us, because I’d like to help elevate the discussion in whatever way possible.

Credits: Hemp House by Push Design with Hempcrete.