James Green is an aircraft structural engineer who found a creative solution when designing a home for a remote site in Turkey (that wouldn’t allow a concrete foundation).  Green decided to structure the house around a shipping container with an extended skeleton of removable frames.  Seeing more potential, he then patented the idea and teamed up with architect Matthew Coates of Coates Design Architects in order to deploy “Eco-Pak” as modular and sustainable housing.

Eco-Pak is an interesting twist on the standard shipping container home in that the structural parts of the home are packed and shipped in a container.  The container is then integrated as a module in the structure of the home, such as for the kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

We are doing something ENTIRELY different … it’s one thing to renovate the inside of a shipping box but quite another to create an eco-friendly home that uses the box as structure,” according to a statement by Coates, an architect at the firm that designed the green-roofed Ellis Residence.

Coates and Green plan to adapt Eco-Pak to affordable, off-grid, emergency, and maybe even luxury housing.  A prototype is scheduled for completion in 2013, and I’ll keep tabs on the new modular venture to provide updates as they happen.

[+] More about the Eco-Pak at Building Container.

Credits: Coates Design Architects.