Since I last shared photos of the Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle, this line of business has picked up.  In October 2011, the Solar Shingle launched in Colorado, and Dow expanded the launch to Texas and California in April 2012.  As part of the launch, this commercial — lazy roof — aired recently to show these markets how Dow is helping to reinvent the roof so that it not only provides shelter but power, too.

POWERHOUSE is offered as an easy, turn-key roof solution.  For example, in San Antonio, the system includes a custom-designed solar array, a DC-to-AC inverter, and a monitoring system that shows real-time production.

In California, the first install in the state was documented by Ucilia Wang for Forbes recently.  The owners Frank and Cyndy Ann Madrigal needed a new roof and wanted power production to go with it.  They opted for POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles because they’re integrated into the roof.  All told, the Madrigals purchased a 5.47 kW system for ~$44,100, after utility rebates and the federal ITC, according to Forbes.

The design is what makes these solar panels work.  The CIGS-based shingles have plug-in connectors from shingle-to-shingle.  This allows for a flush install and eliminates what could be a spider web of wires behind the shingles or in the attic.

[+] More re: technical/financial aspects of POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles.

Credits: Dow Solar (top); Ucilia Wang (#2-3)