FreeGreen, an online source for green house plans, recently announced a strategic pivot to make homes better and cheaper. The company wants to give homeowners the opportunity to save money by helping them get involved in some of the finish work. FreeGreen has a DIY series of house plans, and the first design — the DIY Shed — isn’t value engineered to meet a budget. It’s designed so that certain portions can be finished by the homeowners themselves.

To be clear, this isn’t just sweat equity either. FreeGreen will guide homeowners to invest in the shell of their home while saving money (and maintaining quality) on the interior finishes and built-ins.

For example, the DIY Shed eliminates wasted hallway space in favor of an open layout that also includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,400 square feet. In addition, Ben Uyeda, founder of FreeGreen, says the DIY Shed can achieve Passive House with two different options built into the plan for a super-insulated thermal envelope.

When it comes time to finish the kitchen, the homeowners go into easy or ninja mode (see above) on a scrap island built from leftover construction material.  In this way, the homeowners can save as much money as they’re able to reclaim in materials and put to work in DIY efforts.

[+] More about the DIY Shed Plan from FreeGreen.

Credits: Free Green.