Another “Must-See” product at the recent KBIS 2012 was the Triflow Bamboo faucet in the Bright Line by Zuvo Water.  Zuvo Water makes smart, cloud-connected, water-filtration products, and Triflow is one of the new products showcased by the company.  Triflow has LED lights and connects with a smartphone app that allows an owner to monitor water consumption, filter status, and access filtering reports about the local water supply.

The filtration system goes through a five-step process — which includes UV light, ozone, and filtration — to clean water and reduce contaminants while preserving the healthy mineral content of water.  When combined with the Triflow faucet, a homeowner gets hot, cold, and filtered water from one faucet.

Bright Line includes a filtration system, faucet, and iPhone or Android-based app that will be available in Fall 2012 from between $299-$399.

[+] More about the Bright Line system by Zuvo Water.

Credits: Zuvo Water.