These days, it seems everyone has a hammer and access to plans from Tumbleweed Tiny House, so it may not be all that noteworthy to mention another tiny house build.  But, if you’re willing, let me alert you to this project nearing completion in the next month or so.  The tiny house is being built by Christopher Smith, who bought five acres in Colorado and aims to plant roots with a structure built from scratch.

Smith and crew are documenting the entire endeavor and sharing regular progress online at TINY: A Story About Living Small and on a TINY Facebook page.

I can say I’m captured with the teaser trailer and look forward to watching the whole documentary when it’s released late spring, early summer 2012.  This film is written and produced by Merete Mueller and will include a discussion of tiny living from other Americans in homes smaller than 200 square feet.

[+] More about TINY: A Story About Living Small.