If you take all the benefits of prefab building, combine it with over twenty years of building experience, and mix in pure, relentless coolness, you might just find yourself buying a home from JET PreFab,* and having fun while you’re doing it.

At least that’s the plan for JET PreFab, the new prefabrication division of American Green Home Builders. Glenn Callahan, founder of American Green Home Builders, has built it all: from luxury Hampton’s homes to high rises to uber-green weekend homes in Woodstock and everything in between.

“JET PreFab represents the best things I’ve learned about smart building and what makes for a happy and satisfied client,” says Callahan.

Callahan cites several reasons to use prefab construction: it’s energy efficient; saves build time; produces less waste; has minimal impact on the site; it’s customizable; and all of this results in a higher quality home at a lower cost to build and operate.

JET PreFab will capitalize on these benefits and add in an easy process that’s clear and downright entertaining with home designs called “007” and “The Love Shack,” etc.

Upon deciding on a design, you get a comprehensive and detailed list of the costs for that specific house. Ask some other prefab builders how much one of their houses costs, and — if lucky — the builder may provide a vague range of prices. At JET PreFab, the company will tell you exactly what you’ll get for your money.

Next, you fine-tune your design to suit your particular needs and select the materials. (JET PreFab is committed to building with materials made in the USA. According to economist turned builder, Anders Lewendal, “if every U.S. builder bought just 5 percent more U.S.-made materials, this alone would create 220,000 American jobs.”)

Then, you site your home and driveway. That means you’ll determine how your JET PreFab home will be oriented to best capture views, maximize passive solar benefits (which will lower your heating and cooling costs), and comply with utility and zoning requirements. Imagine walking your property and trying out different views for different rooms in your house. This could be one of the funnest things you can do when building a prefab.

While your home site is being prepared, JET PreFab is busy fabricating your home in their factory — where heat, rain, sleet and snow cannot interfere with building schedules.

After your new home is shipped, installed, and utilities are hooked up, you can expect that finishes will take about 5-6 weeks to complete. Then you’re ready to move into a contemporary, top-quality home that you’ve chosen, in the location you’ve chosen, with the views you’ve chosen. All the while, the building process has been clear and easy to understand, and, if Glenn Callahan and JET PreFab have done what they set out to do, you’ll have a fun time.

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*This is a partner article for Jet Prefab who compensated Jetson Green. All opinions are ours. We partnered with Jet Prefab to share more about their modern prefab homes.