Switch Lighting, maker of innovative liquid-cooling LEDs, recently announced the availability of a 100-watt replacement bulb that will hit commercial channels.  The color temperature is 4100 K, which is less warm than a homely incandescent and perfect for areas in need of bright white light.  Plus, this bulb uses about 80% less energy than an incandescent, or 20 watts.

The Switch100 is currently undergoing Energy Star review.  It outputs 1600 lumens, lasts 25,000 hours, and has a CRI of 80.  The LED bulb can be used in recessed or fully enclosed fixtures, unlike some other LEDs.

Switch100 is dimmable, free of hazardous materials, and turns on instantly.  In terms of pricing, I’m waiting to hear back from Switch Lighting on that, but I understand the LED light carries a payback of 6-12 months, according to materials on the company website.

[+] More details about Switch Lighting LED products.

Credits: Switch Lighting.