Just as Nest changed the thermostat game, perhaps Haiku will change the residential ceiling fan game.  This is the “world’s most efficient ceiling fan,” the “quietest fan in the world,” and the “most sustainable” fan, according to Big Ass Fan, the company behind the new product.

Haiku is available in a few finishes, including caramel bamboo (above), cocoa bamboo, white matrix composite, and black matrix composite.  The bamboo “airfoils” — not your regular fan blades — are made with moso bamboo, which grows rapidly, and covered in a solvent-free finish.

The fan is powered by a cool-running inverter that delivers an 80% improvement in energy efficiency when compared to conventional ceiling fans.  Haiku is an Energy Star product, according to Big Ass Fan, and the patent-pending blades have been engineered and balanced to deliver smooth airflow without rattling or wobbling.

Haiku has several variable speed settings and adjustments for sleep, timing, reverse, etc.  The fan is available for pre-order — the composite ones at about $825 and the bamboo ones at about $1,045 — and Big Ass Fan will be launching a new website for Haiku this week.  Keep your eyes open for that.

[+] More about Haiku ceiling fan by Big Ass Fans.

Credits: Big Ass Fans.