This is the Tiburon Bay House, a stunning LEED Platinum home owned by Helene Marsh in the San Francisco Bay area.  It was designed by Butler Armsden Architects and built by McDonald Construction & Development, Inc., the same company behind a couple other high-profile LEED Platinum homes — the Margarido House and the Hillside House.  Tiburon Bay House replaces a 1,500 square-foot home that was deconstructed by hand with 95% of the material going to reuse or recycling.

Tiburon Bay House has some deep green elements.  For example, there’s a 5 kW solar photovoltaic system that provides 80% of electrical needs and a solar hot water system that provides 100% of the domestic hot water needs.

Beyond the solar panels, this place was designed with the mechanical functions in the core stairway area in order to preserve unencumbered exterior views.  The bedroom and living areas, as pictured, all feature stunning water and bridge views. Also, the orientation of the home, together with the overhangs, optimize natural heating, cooling, and daylighting.

Tiburon Bay House was built with a combination of recycled steel, LVL, timberstrand, FSC-certified wood, Western Red Cedar siding, and OSB.  The foundation has a minimum of 30% fly ash and recycled aggregate.

Otherwise, the LEED Platinum home earned 114 points and has rainwater harvesting (for toilets and the washing machine), graywater collection (for irrigation), high-efficiency irrigation, a permeable hardscape, Energy Star appliances, LED and fluorescent lighting, smart house automation, zero-VOC paints, and in-floor hydronic heating, etc.

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