Dutch-based Lemnis Lighting is hitting the LED scene with a cut-rate, basic light bulb selling for $4.95 — the Pharox 200 Blu.  It uses 5 watts, has a 2700 K color temperature, has a CRI of 85, lasts about 15,000 hours, and outputs 240 lumens.  The bulb could replace 25W incandescents and is suitable for task lights, accent lights, and other ambient illumination.

Lemnis has other LED lights available, too, including a Pharox 300 Blu bulb that uses 6 watts, has a slightly cooler 2900 K temperature, has a CRI of 87, lasts about 15,000 hours, and outputs 360 lumens.  It sells for $6.95.

These LEDs don’t dim but they also don’t flicker when turned on.  The lighting is instantly available, according to Lemnis Lighting.  Plus, these lights aren’t made with mercury — putting pressure on the typical CFL — or lead.

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Credits: Lemnis Lighting.