Panasonic Corp. recently announced a breakthrough tankless toilet called “Arauno V,” according to newswire AFP Relax News.  This isn’t one of those toilets where the tank is hidden in the wall, rather the toilet draws water directly from the home water supply.  And the bowl is engineered like a tornado to cleanly circulate waste down the drain.

Arauno V is expected to go on sale in Japan on February 21, 2012 from between Â¥118,000 – Â¥184,000 ($1,500 – $2,400, according to current exchange rates).

The new design is especially made for tight spaces and a version with a hand-washing sink provides the entire bathroom minus the shower.  The toilet is made with an “organic glass-based material” and is expected to help users conserve water (3 liters/0.80 gallons per flush).

In case you’re wondering when something like this might make it to the USA, it’s hard to say.  Panasonic will ship the tankless toilet to Japan and Taiwan and may introduce the system in other markets in about 2015, according to AFP Relax News.

[+] Watch a video in Japanese about the tankless Arauno V.

Credits: Panasonic.