It’s fun to reflect on the prior year and review site stats to see what was the most popular with readers. Without looking at these stats, I watch as articles circulate via Twitter, Facebook, and Plus — it’s some sort of a real-time feedback loop for what readers want and don’t. What will be huge in 2012? I hope you’ll let me know.

#1 – Flynn’s Container House in TRON: Legacy

Sam Flynn's House Container Concept Art (c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.

We talk with a co-producer for the back story on Sam Flynn’s cool shipping container house in TRON: Legacy.  Read more.

#2 – Ingenious PV Glass Window Hits Chicago

We share an exclusive photo of an insulated window with integrated photovoltaics by Pythagoras Solar, the likes of which could turn buildings into massive power producers.  Read more.

#3 – Solar Powered Sunset Idea House 2011

The Sunset Idea House is a 192 square-foot container structure with a bold yellow exterior and clean, modern interior finishes.  Read more.

#4 – First Container House in the Mojave Desert

The Tim Palen Studio at Shadow Mountain was built with re-purposed shipping containers and some impressive green elements such as a steel shade system, a living roof, and a 10,000 gallon water storage tank.  Read more.

#5 – Arctic Plank Makes Unique Upcycled Floor

upcycled pallet wood floor

Arctic Plank upcycles junk wood from used shipping pallets into herringbone and parquet pattern flooring lines.  Read more.

#6 – Net-Zero Energy Tiny House in Berkeley

This 420 square-foot tiny house was built for $98,000, which includes all the bells and whistles one could ask for in any home regardless of size.  Read more.

#7 – Carbon Negative Cement by Novacem

This carbon-negative cement product has the potential to change the world of concrete in 2014-15 when it hits the market.  Read more.

#8 – Super Efficient ADU Complete in Portland

This 800 square-foot structure won’t obtain Passive House certification, but Hammer & Hand used the Passive House Planning Package to plan the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ADU around.  Read more.

#9 – The First Passive House in New York

The Hudson Passive Project doesn’t have all kinds of green add-ons — photovoltaics, wind turbines, or solar thermal — its performance follows from the design.  Read more.

#10 – Five Star Modern Home at Sol Austin

This 5-Star rated home in Austin was designed to reduce total energy demand to about 50% of a standard code-built home.  Read more.

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