A while back, I mentioned The Crib, an “enviresponsible shelter” by Broadhurst Architects that can be used as a weekend cabin, backyard office, exercise studio, or guest house — you name it.  Well it’s time for a short update from our last article, if you haven’t already noticed, that a 250 square-foot Crib was built on the grounds of the Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland.  It’s being used as a visual arts studio, a lab, and a gallery and is open to visitors during certain events and various other times.

The Crib is built as a kit of parts with SIPs (R32 walls and floor) and other recyclable parts from steel and aluminum.  The prototype home also has multi-layer polycarbonate panels, insulated glass, heat-treated poplar siding, LED and CFL lighting, an energy-efficient ceiling fan, and rainwater collection for showers and gardening.

In process construction photos are available on The Crib’s Facebook page.

The design allows for reuse by dismantling and reassembling The Crib elsewhere.  A version of the prototype runs for about $85,000, according to the Washington Post, not counting sewer hookup.  With a kitchen, the Crib will cost about $120,000, while the basic Crib costs just shy of $60,000.  The block/concrete basement adds about $25,000.

[+] Learn more about The Crib from Broadhurst Architects, Inc.

Credits: Anice Hoachlander.