This video showcases the pH Living Sanctuary, a factory-built home in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.  The healthy home has been certified by Building Biologists to the IBE Healthy Home Standard, according to California-based pH Living, and has been checked for VOCs, energy efficiency, formaldehyde, mold, electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), communications frequency pollution reductions, and radiation.

PH Living is an architecture and design group led by Doug Busch that provides affordable, aesthetically pleasing homes for people who are extremely environmentally conscious or suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

The company offers single-family, multi-family, and commercial structures that can be customized as needed such as, for example, to be off-the-grid.  Prefabrication is employed to control the construction process and inspect the build.  Depending on interior and exterior finishes, a pH Living home starts at $150 per square foot.

The Sanctuary is a 380 square-foot prototype that can rented for up to a week by potential home purchasers.  Visit for more information about renting this home.  More test homes will be made available throughout the country in 2012.

Credits: pH Living.