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Passive Makes Perfect in North Carolina

When we first profiled Anchorage Builders in 2010, they were in the construction phase of North Carolina’s first Passive House.  We followed up with the project in a subsequent post and were quite impressed with the completed home, both aesthetically and sustainably.  Building on this successful experience, Anchorage and architect Jay Fulkerson have recently collaborated on yet another Chapel Hill home designed with Passive House building methods.


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Vallejo Prefabrication, Furnace-Free Home, Lichen Future, + Sustainable Neighborhoods

Zero energy construction.
Furnace-free home to conquer winter.
Vallejo welcomes new prefab home builder.
Your LED light bulb holiday shopping guide.
How sustainable neighborhoods could reshape cities.
The city of the future: covered in lichen.
Modern LEDs save on maintenance.
How to sell a certified green home.

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Conserve Energy with the Flip of a Switch

If you’re trying to find small gift items for the holiday season, or just looking for an easier way to cut vampire energy, maybe check out the new Conserve Power Switch from Belkin. Selling for $6.99, the outlet insert does one big thing: it lets a homeowner control standby power at the plug and outlet level. The product can be used alone or in a pair and employs zero power in the off position.  When on, it illuminates to let you know what needs to power down.  The savings are small but every little bit counts.


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Cross-Laminated Timber Opens New Possibilities for Wood Construction

Wood is a desirable construction material for many reasons including its low embodied energy. But, until recently, it has not been possible to build tall wooden structures because of the relative weakness of conventional wood stud construction methods. This is starting to change as a new method of fabricating wood panels, called cross-laminated timber, or CLT, is making “massive wood” construction a possibility for mid-rise construction, as well as for other construction uses.


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November Month in Review [Outline]

Here’s an outline of our coverage from November. In terms of our new articles, the most shared one on Facebook was about the Tiny Harbinger House in North Carolina, while the most shared one on Twitter was about the Live Work Home in Syracuse. As always, we’re interested in learning about inventive green homes and products around the USA.  If you have news for, send us a tip. See more:


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