With off-site construction, homeowners can benefit from things like accelerated construction, controlled construction, construction without the elements, reduced construction waste, access to a skilled workforce, etc.  So it’s no surprise that the prefab industry continues to expand — we’re tracking that!  In fact, here are 22 built projects that we mentioned in the last year (with high hopes for several more next year, too):

New Porch House Prefab by Lake Flato

Porch House is an eco-friendly home that combines factory-built modules and custom outdoor elements, such as porches, breezeways, carports, and terraces. Read more.

Net-Zero i-House Open for Tours in Georgia

The homeowner won’t have an electric bill with this net-zero energy home. His butterfly roof has solar PV that generates electricity and powers a brand new Chevrolet Volt.  Read more.

Week’nder Prefab Concept on an Island

The Week’nder includes extensive glass area and operable windows, sustainably harvested wood framing, steel and pine siding, galvanized steel roofing, and a compact footprint. Read more.

A Smart Prototype for New Modern Prefab

This is a prototype by Proto Homes constructed in a hybrid-prefab system with all sorts of smart, green, and stylish elements — and it’s completely wired, too. Read more.

Butterfly Roofline Prefab on Sauvie Island

Modern prefab in Oregon with butterfly roofline

This Stillwater Dwellings prefab has a soaring butterfly roofline and 360-degree views of Sauvie Island, Mount St. Helen, Mount Hood, and Mount Rainier. Read more.

Tennessee Norris House Seeks LEED Platinum

The New Norris House builds on Tennessee history with a prefabricated home, solar hot water, rainwater collection, and all sorts of other green features. Read more.

Stylish Greenfab Home Unveiled in Seattle

The six-module abode — designed for LEED Platinum certification — has 1,790 square feet with three bedrooms, two and three-quarters bathrooms, a separate mother-in-law space, a planted rooftop deck, and an urban chicken coop. Read more.

Montana Prefab Reacts to the Elements

Ruby Springs Prefab has operable, hydraulic screens made with Caterpillar excavator cylinders and tractor parts. Read more.

Dwell Show Prefab is a Modern Living Showhouse

This 520 square-foot dwelling has a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom — all put together with the best green materials around. Read more.

Prefab LivingHomes Complete in Los Altos

This is the first multifamily project by Ray Kappe, FAIA, and it’s built with eight modules built in an off-site factory setting. Read more.

Blue Crest Modern Prefab Built in Austin

Blue Crest has reclaimed pine floor from a 100 year-old convent. The homeowners stored these floors for about 10 years, waiting to put them in the new home. Read more.

New LABhaus Prefab Home in New Jersey

This modern, green prefab was built with the owners’ budget of $340,000 and includes beautiful green and luxurious elements. Read more.

Beautiful Reclaimed Land Yacht Docks in Texas

This 512 square-foot reclaimed prefab has owners that work full-time on a yacht and ground here with horses and cattle when not on the water. Read more.

LV Series Prefab on Whidbey Island

Not interested in building your own prefab from scratch? This Rocio Romero model on an 11-acre island site hit the market last September. Read more.

pH Living Makes a Healthy Green Home

This is the pH Living Sanctuary, a modular home built for people who are extremely environmentally conscious or suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Read more.

New Rocio Romero Prefab Built in Pacifica

This kit prefab has Hansgrohe fixtures, a Smeg oven, IKEA fridge/freezer, IKEA cooktop, Norm 69 pendant light, Phrena pendant light, and a Duravit bath, etc. Read more.

Scenic New Eco Prefab Complete in Utah

This country prefab has super-insulated walls and roof, a clean-burning wood stove, efficient windows with argon and low-e film, HardiPanel and batten siding, and a standing-seam cool roof. Read more.

Solar-Powered Shed for a Colorado Artist

This Boulder-fabricated shed has eight 235-watt panels that generate energy from the sun for the benefit of the shed and the home on the same property. Read more.

Natural Modern Flat Pack Cabin in Canada

This Pioneer prefab has a mono pitch roof, 180 degrees of floor-to-ceiling glass, and a smart design with large overhangs and cross ventilation. Read more.

SMPLy Mod is a Practical Green Prefab

SMPLy Mod is a two-level, 984 square-foot home that cost $135 per square foot to build, about 15-20% savings over conventional design-build in the area. Read more.

C3 First Modular Green Home in Chicago

This 2,000 square-foot modern home has a vegetated roof and deck, and the project team is pursuing both Energy Star and LEED Platinum certification. Read more.

The Crib is a Tiny Enviresponsible Prefab

The Crib was assembled from a kit of parts with SIPs, steel, aluminum, multi-layer polycarbonate panels, insulated glass, and heat-treated poplar siding. Read more.

If you have a newly built prefab project, make sure to submit your green home to the editors for publication in 2012.