Toba is an award-winning pellet stove designed in Italy by MCZ Group SpA in collaboration with EMO.  The simple, modern appliance can warm a space of about 1,800 square feet at more than 90% efficiency, according to Wittus, which announced plans in June 2011 to import Toba into the US.

Wittus says the wood stove has EPA certification and meets UL safety standards.  The stove is controlled with a remote to adjust things like heat output, room temperature, fan speeds, and a sleep timer.

Toba appears tiny in the picture above, but the stove weighs more than 300 pounds and measures 43” high x 20” wide x 20” deep.  It’s built with a rectangular body, black cast aluminum (top and base), black steel sides, and a cast iron door.  The front of the stove can be customized with red, white, black, and a couple other panels.

Specific pricing is available through Wittus dealers.  In addition, Toba is eligible for tax credit of up to about $300 that can be put towards the purchase price of the stove.

[+] More about the Toba wood pellet stove at Wittus.

Credits: Wittus.