Rainwater Pillow Cistern

If you’re looking for a cost effective alternative to a below ground rainwater cistern, the Rainwater Pillow, which was on display at Greenbuild NEXT, may be your answer.  Easy to locate under a deck or in a crawl space, the Rainwater Pillow is ideal for a retrofit project where placing a typical above or below ground cistern may prove difficult.  As long as you have a flat surface with no obstructions the Rainwater Pillow can be laid out tied into your landscape irrigation system with ease.

The system comes in a variety of sizes, which start at 1,000 gallons for $2,500, and can be customized up to 200,000 gallons.  Disregarding the bladder portion, it operates the same as any rainwater cistern would and comes complete with a filter, overflow, and pump to tie into an irrigation system.

The bladder is made of an extremely durable reinforced polymer alloy, which is the same material the military frequently uses for fuel bladders during deployments.  Needless to say the pillow is built to last and can withstand temperatures down to -30°F without any cracking.  However, if the pillow is outside for extended freezing temperatures it should be weatherized by removing the pump and insulating the fittings.

Rainwater Pillow Kit

Rainwater Pillow also now offers a separate line or cistern liners for concrete cisterns certified for drinking water systems, however the filter system would have to be provided separately.

[+] More info about the Original Rainwater Pillow.

Credits: The Rainwater Pillow