Method Homes, a Seattle-based manufacturer of green prefab homes, recently introduced two new home lines, the Option Series and Elemental Series.  The former was created in collaboration with Seattle-based Grouparchitect and the latter was created in collaboration with Seattle-based PB Elemental.  Both lines offer flexibility in the form of multiple configurations and can be built from the $130s per square foot.

The Option Series has several plan configurations with one, two, or three-story homes ranging from a one bedroom/one bathroom up to a home with three bedrooms, a den, and three bathrooms.  Each home is built in modules with sections of up to 14 feet wide and can be customized with a shed, gable, or butterfly roof.

The Elemental Series has three different home designs, the Shift, Pivot, and Element, which are also built in modules.  These designs are for three-bedroom homes ranging in size from about 1,640 to more than 1,820 square feet with flexible garage and deck space.

Building on previous success with the Cabin and M Series, Brian Abramson, co-founder of Method Homes, said his company has “been able to further streamline and simplify the process for these series. The result is our ability to offer home-owners and developers the efficiencies of our building process, along with customized designs at a price that is affordable.”

Method Homes makes the designs available to home buyers and developers alike.  All of them can be upgraded with energy efficiency and green packages.  In essence, you get what you pay for – there are four tiers of options with the highest being built to LEED Platinum certification.

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Credits: Method Homes.