Jaga Climate Systems, a manufacturer of energy-efficient and designer radiator systems, announced at Greenbuild the expanded availability of products in the US.  Jaga has built up a US distributor network, so architects, designers, and contractors can access products through representatives in California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Washington.

Jaga has two product lines: the low H20 Energy Savers and the stylized Eye Catchers.  Using heat exchange technology, the Energy Savers require only 10% the water of a traditional panel radiator and save about 12% in energy.

Bert Kriekels, executive director of Jaga Climate Systems, said “Our Low-H20 heating systems reduce long-term costs while providing an environmentally sustainable heating solution that can be combined with many popular systems today, including geothermal and solar heating solutions,” according to a statement.

So Jaga is using Greenbuild as a platform to launch their system in the US.  If you’re at Greenbuild, Jaga Climate Systems will be available to view in booth #7150S. Drop by the booth and come back to let us know what you think.

[+] Find a local Jaga Climate Systems representative.

Credits: Jaga USA.