Keeping our tootsies pampered during midnight trips to the bathroom is a job any carpet can handle.  But clean the air of all that icky stuff floating around that we know is there but glad we can’t see? According to Dutch carpet manufacturer Desso, their new carpet line AirMaster can greatly reduce the concentration of that microscopic particulate matter to improve indoor air quality eight times better than hardwood floors. Tall claim, but they have several independent studies backing it up.

Turns out, carpeting as a floor covering is a pretty effective air cleaner.  Studies are now showing the harmful effects of airborne particulates are lowered when carpet is used in the home instead of wood or other hard surfaces.  I admit to being one of the uninformed that thought the opposite — and I have several asthmatic friends who replaced their wall-to-wall with hardwoods at the advice of their doctors!

But according to The German Allergy and Asthma Association, particulate matter settles on top of hard surfaces, where it gets kicked back up into circulation around our house.   Carpet, on the other hand, traps the dust and dander (which we all thought was a bad thing!) where it can be sucked up into a vacuum and disposed of.

AirMaster carpet is supposed to take the air-clearing properties of carpet to a whole new level, making it four times more effective at the job than your average shag, according to the independent German testing institute GUI.  A test performed by Phillips Floor Care and BOND Textile Research concurred, finding that particulate matter detached easier from AirMaster carpet fibers than their test subjects when vacuumed.

These new fibers are just one of many inventions this company has come up with to improve the health and sustainability impact of carpeting.  Desso is a Cradle to Cradle company, having made a formal commitment to the EPEA to make carpet not only “less bad” but actually good for the environment.  They just announced their latest sustainable innovation for their carpet tile line, which will now be comprised of 60% Econyl, a yarn made from 100% recycled content from their own carpet manufacturing process.

Unfortunately for us, Desso residential carpet products are not yet available in the U.S.  Even so, we at Jetson Green like our readers to be aware of any and all innovation having a positive impact on our environment.  How otherwise can we demand the same level of innovation from our own carpet manufacturers?

[+] More about Desso carpet from the Netherlands.

Photo credits: Desso.