*This is a sponsored article in association with Plastics Make It Possible.

In conjunction with the Solar Decathlon, Plastics Make It Possible created an interactive home to show people how plastic products can be used to make a home comfortable and energy efficient.  For example, window coverings can reduce home heating and cooling, flexible plumbing can be used for direct runs to deliver hot water faster, and plastic-encased solar shingles can blend into the roof while creating energy from the sun.

Visit the Plastics Make It Possible Interactive Home to learn more.  You can navigate through various rooms in a model home and customize your own home for the chance to win $250 in home improvement supplies (subject to contest rules and regulations).

[+] Customize your own home with Plastics Make It Possible.

*Disclosure: The American Chemistry Council invited Jetson Green to the Solar Decathlon to learn more about the plastic materials used in Solar Decathlon homes and covered expenses for travel, lodging, and meals.  All opinions are our own.