After five years of internal and third-party testing, Boral USA today announced the introduction of TruExterior Trim, an exterior trim material made with a blend of bio-based polymers and coal combustion product materials.  The poly-ash product contains a minimum of 70% recycled content and a Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver designation.

TruExterior Trim contains the highest amount of recycled content of any other trim on the market, according to Boral USA, and can be handled, held, and painted just like wood.

The material composition makes it durable and free from rotting, splitting, and termites, according to Boral USA.  The company also says TruExterior Trim doesn’t require end sealing or special adhesives and can be used in ground-contact installations.

TruExterior Trim is suitable for a variety of applications such as fascia boards, soffits, frieze boards, rake boards, garage door casings, window surrounds, and door trim.

[+] More about TruExterior Trim by Boral USA.

Credits: Boral USA.