This is the next generation of the popular Glidehouse, a home design originally created by Michelle Kaufmann that was later acquired by Blu Homes.  Blu tweaked the design to fit the company’s custom fold-up system of construction, and this is the first, new Glidehouse to be delivered.

Located on Vashon Island, the home joins six original Glidehouses elsewhere in Washington. It’s built with a proprietary steel frame created by Blu Homes that results in roughly 30% wider and 20% higher ceilings than the original. The home has two bedrooms and two baths, as well as a separate pod with a bedroom and bathroom.

Rich Mintz, who with his wife Diana, is the owner of this new Glidehouse, said, “We first fell in love with the Glidehouse after seeing it in the pages of Sunset. With its 60-foot ‘wall of glass,’ 14 foot-high ceilings, and abundant clerestory windows we knew this was a house that would allow us to take full advantage of the spectacular views from our lot.”

In the above video, Mintz describes the shipping costs of the Glidehouse compared to a local prefab design that would have shipped from Idaho. Mintz said the cost was the same, which is a tribute to the cost savings provided by Blu’s folding technology. This company isn’t shipping much air with their prefabs.

Blu homes are at least 50% more energy efficient than comparably-sized existing homes and include radiant floor heating, Energy Star appliances, low-flow fixtures, an energy recovery ventilation system, sustainably forested flooring, and Greenguard finishes.

Homeowners interested in a Glidehouse or a Breezehouse or some other design, can use the new Configurator tool to style and visualize their own future green prefab.

[+] More info about the Glidehouse from Blu Homes.

Credit: Blu Homes.