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October Month in Review [Outline]

In the last month, we were busy with news and other releases from Greenbuild NEXT and the Solar Decathlon, which coverage is outlined below.  In terms of our new articles, the most shared one on Facebook was about the People’s Choice Solar Homestead at Solar Decathlon, while the most shared one on Twitter was about each of the 19 Solar Decathlon homes.  If you have news for, send us a tip.  See more:


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Cleaner Indoor Air with Desso Carpet

Keeping our tootsies pampered during midnight trips to the bathroom is a job any carpet can handle.  But clean the air of all that icky stuff floating around that we know is there but glad we can’t see? According to Dutch carpet manufacturer Desso, their new carpet line AirMaster can greatly reduce the concentration of that microscopic particulate matter to improve indoor air quality eight times better than hardwood floors. Tall claim, but they have several independent studies backing it up.


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Eco Modern Ranch Remodel in Portland

This is a renovation of a ranch-style home located in the Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon.  The owners, builders, and designers — Michelle Ruber and Klaas de Jonge of Encircle Design Build  — renovated the old home with locally-sourced materials and contemporary design.  It’s now used as a short-term, vacation rental to “provide people a home that embodies Portland’s energies of creativity and ecologically minded ways.”


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LED Innovation, Green Home Features, Reshaping Housing, + Active House Russia

Active House in Russia.
Reshaping the housing market.
Four green features homeowners want.
Make a compost pile from pallets.
New community has nearly zero utilities.
Lighting sheets made with tiny LEDs.
Going gaga over LEDs.

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Kirei Debuts New Reclaimed Wood Panel

True to the company name, California-based Kirei USA recently announced a beautiful, new material for 2012 called Windfall. Windfall is an engineered wood panel made with a low-VOC adhesive and lumber from deconstructed buildings in the Pacific Northwest. It’s suitable for wall paneling, casework, signage, and other similar applications.


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Boral Intros Cradle to Cradle Exterior Trim

After five years of internal and third-party testing, Boral USA today announced the introduction of TruExterior Trim, an exterior trim material made with a blend of bio-based polymers and coal combustion product materials.  The poly-ash product contains a minimum of 70% recycled content and a Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver designation.


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