San Antonio-based Lake|Flato, an architectural firm with several AIA COTE Top 10 green projects, this week announced its latest endeavor in the world of prefab with the Porch House.  Porch House is an eco-friendly home that combines factory-built modules and custom outdoor elements, such as porches, breezeways, carports, and terraces.  The result is a contemporary, site-specific, LEED-certified home that can be delivered in about six- to nine-months after the inception of design.

Each Porch House is energy efficient and includes views, solar orientation, outdoor spaces, high-efficiency mechanical systems, water saving features, natural ventilation systems with operable doors and windows, low-energy materials, healthy building materials, daylighting, energy-efficient lighting, and passive design.

Lake|Flato can also help clients achieve net-zero energy consumption with photovoltaic solar.

The home modules can be set individually, stacked, or side-by-side.  They’re built 70 miles northwest of Houston by GroundFORCE Building Systems, according to San Antonio Express-News.

The first Porch House was completed in the Hill Country of Vanderpool, which is northwest of San Antonio, while a second is under construction and others have been designed for sites in other states.  A Porch House can be finished for about $150-$225 per square foot, not including design services.

[+] More info about the Lake|Flato Porch House.

Credits: Lake|Flato.