In an economic climate that has companies hunkering down rather than innovating, sustainability leader Kliptech has spent considerable effort making their EcoTop recycled-paper countertops even more environmentally-friendly and affordable. This extremely durable surface material already received plenty of LEED points for its high recycled content — and at $35sq/ft, EcoTop was a pretty good deal.

So why mess with a good thing?

When you’re an innovator like Joel Klippert, messing with good things is just what you do.  Case in point: Paperstone, EcoTop’s main competitor in the recycled-paper composite market, was actually Klippert’s first invention!  He took his own concept to a whole new level with the creation of EcoTop, which quickly gained a strong fan base for its durability, good looks and sustainability.

Even still, Klippert and his team had a vision for EcoTop that would ramp up its eco cred even further while simultaneously bringing down the price. The solution was deceptively simple: make the slabs thinner.

Explains Roman Scott, Environmental Director and Sales Manager for Kliptech, “By transitioning to a 1/2” product from the standard 3/4”, we’ve further minimized EcoTop’s environmental footprint by using less raw materials. And, with all the economic failures around the world, we wanted to offer a product that would continue to lower the price point of sustainability.”

The slimmed-down EcoTop underwent many months of testing to ensure the same level of strength and resilience in the new thickness.  You can build up the edge to appear more substantial but I’m partial to the “skinny”  look that’s so popular in Europe right now. Either way, you can’t beat the new price, which comes in under $30sq/ft.  Mission accomplished, Kliptech!

[+] More information about EcoTop by Kliptech.

Credits: Kliptech.