Housefish, a modular furniture company based in Denver, Colorado, conceived a new shelf design with inspiration from a beehive.  Called Hex Modular Shelving, each shelf is made with custom aluminum extrusions that are light, strong, and hexagonal.  The extrusions are then paired with FSC-certified, zero-VOC finish, maple plywood boards to create a strong and contemporary piece of furniture.

The extrusions are made in Kentucky, the wood is sourced from Oregon, and each shelf is completed in Colorado.  Hex is available in two widths, two depths, and a variety of heights.

Housefish is introducing the modular shelving system with a Kickstarter campaign.  Upon receipt of the funds, the company will invest in tooling and bulk purchases to send shelves to supporters at a lower that usual price.

[+] More info on Hex Modular Shelving by Housefish.

Credit: Housefish.