Yesterday Tendril and Vivint, formerly APX Alarm, announced a partnership to connect Vivint Go!Control home devices with Tendril’s home energy management technology.  The partnership is designed to give customers with a home security system the added ability to learn more about their energy use and control energy consumption.

The standard Vivint security system runs $49.99 per month and comes with the in-home display, 3 door and window sensors, a motion detector, key fob, and yard sign.  I have family with the security system, and it’s a nice modern setup.

With energy management, the security system price jumps to $57.99 and includes the ability control lights and small appliances with light and lamp modules.  This package also includes a smart thermostat to control the temperature from a smart-phone or computer.

The Tendril partnership will strengthen Vivint’s energy management service with actionable information and recommendations.  The Tendril Energize web portal will be available to Vivint customers later this year.  Tendril Connect will be integrated with next-gen Go!Control panels starting in 2012.

Of 170,000 new Vivint customers, approximately 70,000 use the energy management service, according to Martin LaMonica of CNET.

Perhaps the future will bring one affordable in-home display to control all home functions – temperature, security, lighting, appliances, and water – but for now, the combination of home security with energy monitoring and device control makes sense.

Credits: Vivint.