About 5% of adults are “Super Greenies” — those who engage in 10 or more green activities, such as recycling, using rechargeable batteries, and re-using grocery store bags — according to Scarborough Research.  These Super Greenies, who perform the largest number of environmentally-friendly activities, also happen to be some of the top wage earners in the country with a taste for luxury.

Scarborough says Super Greenies are “high-income, high-spending consumers who purchase luxury items and lead active lifestyles.“  They use the internet to find information about local things like weather and businesses.

Super Greenies are 143% more likely than the average adult to have a post-graduate degree, 91% more likely to have a home valued at more than $500,000, and 60% more likely to have a second home.  They are 76% more likely than the average adult to have a household income in excess of $150,000.

Today’s environmentalists have traded sandals and hemp for cashmere and a Lexus,” said Deirdre McFarland, vice president of marketing, Scarborough Research, according to a press release announcing the report.  Super Greenies are active.  They’re 178% more likely than the average adult to have hiked or backpacked, 221% more likely to have attended yoga or pilates, and 107% more likely to have bicycled in the last year.

The West Coast is full of Super Greenies with 17% of local adults in San Francisco likely to be in this category.  After that, there’s Seattle (14%), Portland (11%), San Diego (11%), Denver (11%), and Austin (10%).

[+] Download the Super Greenies research by Scarborough.

Credit: Scarborough.