Sunverge has released a new Solar Integration System (SIS) package containing an inverter and battery storage unit to complement the standard residential solar PV array.  Brought to the market in February 2011, this new offering will give homeowners the opportunity to attain reliable net-zero energy status and eliminate reliance on the grid.

For less than the price of a typical 5 kW residential system, a homeowner can now opt for a $20,000 – $28,000 system designed with a 2 kW system, inverter, and lithium-ion battery package to eliminate grid demand.  The inverter/battery unit itself is only 24” by 14” deep and 73” high integrating easily into an appropriate space.

The system produces enough power to run a modest home off-grid and bring dependable off peak energy from renewables at an affordable price.  Through Sunverge’s Solar Plus Lease program, a homeowner can even have the SIS system installed with no money down and make the payments through the savings realized from your diminishing electric bill.

In powering a typical residence, a traditional PV system saves 30 to 50 percent in annual energy costs. A Sunverge SIS meets the same demand at annual savings of 50 to 70 percent,” according to Ken Munson, President of Sunverge Energy.

SIS has a built-in energy management system to utilize stored energy when in highest demand, allowing for electrical loads to be shifted and peak demand lowered, therefore maximizing returns.  The system also integrates into smart-grid technology and communicates with a programmable thermostat, pool pump, and other appliances allowing for real time verification and peak shaving.

SIS is being tested in a pilot project for 34 townhomes in Sacramento in a zero energy community, 2500 R Street, by Pacific Housing.  Priced around $315,000 per home, 2500 R Street will demonstrate the possibility and affordability of zero energy homes.  The townhomes will also be certified LEED Platinum.

[+] More info about Sunverge SIS System.

Credits: Sunverge.