Sunset Cabin is a 275-square foot lake retreat that’s camouflaged with a green roof and cedar-slat facade.  Though completed in 2004, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the construction details perhaps for the benefit of others thinking about building something similar.  The cabin, located in Southern Ontario, Canada, was designed by Taylor Smyth Architects and built by Brothers Dressler with Yaan Poldaas.

Sunset Cabin has 1″ x 3″ cedar slats covering the exterior, birch veneer plywood finishing in the interior, a composting toilet, MR 16 pot lights, custom windows that allow natural lighting, a green roof with sedums and herbs, a Morsø wood stove, and wood framing on two steel beams bolted to concrete caissons.

As the name suggests, the tiny cabin is oriented to the west for an open view of the sun setting.  It has a bedroom and bathroom.

Due to the uneven, remote site, Sunset Cabin was fabricated in a Toronto parking lot in one month.  Then, components were numbered, disassembled, and reassembled on Lake Simcoe in about ten days, resulting in 30% cost savings from lower labor costs and faster construction, according to Taylor Smyth Architects.

[+] More info on Sunset Cabin from Taylor Smyth Architects.

Credits: Ben Rahn/A-Frame.