This Tiny Texas Worker House was built with 99% salvaged material on a minimal footprint of 120 square feet.  The home, which is valued at about $38,000, will be given away this year through an essay raffle by Tiny Texas Houses.  So, with the combination of a winning essay and $50, one could end up with an entirely new way of living and a unique, reclaimed, micro shelter.

All essay participants will get a set of plans for the salvaged home and a forthcoming ebook called “How to Build a Tiny House with Salvaged Materials.”

The tiny house was built with 125-year cedar posts, 200-year long leaf pine siding, corrugated metal from the early 1900s, weighted sash windows from the early 1900s, 100-year galvanized roof shingles in shower, etc.

Tiny Texas Worker House has a full shower, toilet, and bath sink, as well as a kitchenette with a sink, under counter fridge and cooktop space.  It’s also fully insulated, top, bottom, and sides, with Icynene.

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Credits: Tiny Texas Houses via Tiny House Blog.