Kyocera Solar, Inc. today announced the availability of bundles for people looking to enter the solar market.  Called MyGen, the solar kits are made in America for residential and light commercial projects and come with all major PV system components, disconnects, and grounding equipment required to start generating electricity.

MyGen has residential packages that range from about 2.5 to 7.5 kW.  Though Kyocera optimized the bundle for quick installation and has a permit package with drawings and specifications to secure local approvals, MyGen still needs to be installed by a licensed electrician or solar contractor.

The system is for grid-tied situations and uses the Kyocera KD210GX panel.  MyGen includes AC and DC disconnects, PV array circuit combiners, an inverter, flexible metal conduit for wiring, MC locking connectors, grounding equipment, wiring diagrams, and installation instructions.

Kyocera did not have pricing information to give us, but quotes will be available through local dealers and installation professionals.

This news comes as other companies try to make solar easy for consumers to install.  For instance, Grape Solar sells several sizes of kilowatt-scale solar systems with the panels, racks, and inverter on

Credit: Kyocera Solar.