Every FSC product and building material has a tracking number that points to the source of the wood or paper.  It shows, as explained in this personal story by Franke James, “Who Cares About the Forest.“  If you’re in charge of purchasing wood products, you should watch this informative and thoughtful video (while keeping in mind that it was underwritten by FSC Canada).

Here are a few lines from the video that I liked:

  • Fiber can only be recycled a half dozen times.
  • Forests are the lungs of the planet.
  • The forest is habitat.
  • To protect our forests, we need to demand FSC.
  • FSC – that’s the standard — is the best. If you’re going to harvest trees, let’s do it to the highest possible standard.

[+] See the artwork for Who Cares About the Forest?

Credits: Franke James.