If you’re looking for a back-of-the-envelope assessment of where your project fits in the LEED for Homes green building program, the USGBC just launched a new web-based tool for you.  It’s called the LEED for Homes Scoring Tool, and it includes both a Quick Score (pictured) and a detailed Credit-By-Credit result with specific credit guidance.

The tool is free and anyone can take it for a test spin upon registration.

The Quick Score produces a rough prediction of certification level and can be converted into a more detailed Credit-By-Credit report.  With the more detailed report, users can access credit requirements, credit options, category points, and category prerequisites.

Of course, the Scoring Tool is no substitute for actual certification, but it could come in handy as a reference.  “The LEED for Homes Scoring Tool will help fill in the gaps for home builders and home owners alike,” according to Nate Kredich, Vice President of Residential Market Development for the USGBC.

Anyone know of a creative way to use this?