Students in Studio H, a design-build program for high school students in Bertie County, North Carolina, recently completed their second major project.  The project required the design and construction of three, unique, full-scale, chicken coops to house six chickens each.  Students had a budget of $500 per coop, but they also incorporated reclaimed and repurposed materials.  Here are the chicken coop designs:

ChickTopia: A Twisting Fun Run Coop

ChickTopia was made with more than 100 reclaimed tobacco barn sticks to create a mesmerizing, twisted chicken run between the roosting and feeding boxes.

Chicken Circus: A Reclaimed Pallet Wood Coop

Chicken Circus was made with pallet wood, corrugated metal, tube metal, and swinging doors for easy human access. The trapezoidal form allows for a chicken run connected to a loft-like space.

Coopus Maximus: A Buckminster Fuller-Inspired Coop

Coopus Maximus was inspired by the geometric designs of Buckminster Fuller and was fashioned on the fly one joint at a time.

Credits: Project H Design, Studio H.