I find myself more introspective every day as events unfold in Japan.  I lived there for an extended period of time and tried to master the language.  I see the faces of thousands of people that I met in my mind.  I’m on this planet to make a difference, to help people, and it hurts to see neighborhoods gone and air polluted.  What can be done?  Here are a few efforts that I’m seeing:

Shigeru Ban Partitions – architect Shigeru Ban, according to BD Online, is sending cardboard partitions victims in order to make emergency shelters more private and less stressful.

Architecture for Humanity – this organization is working on relief and rebuilding from the get go.  Some portion of donations will support the reconstruction of Sendai and parts of Japan.

ShelterBox – this organization sends a box with a strong 10-person tent, water-purifying supplies, coloring books for kids, tools, and food equipment.  They’ve sent hundreds already with more on the way.

Save the Children – it saddens me to no end to know there may be kids that have lost one or both parents or guardians.  Save the Children is mobilizing to help children and families in need.

Red Cross – the Red Cross is working on disaster relief in Japan and areas affected by the tsunami.  They have a fund for Japan Earthquake and the Pacific Tsunami.

If you have any other ideas, by all means, drop a line below.