Velux makes some great products for drawing natural light indoors.  The company recently introduced a new, low-profile, flat-glass Sun Tunnel skylight at IBS 2011, and it will be available later this year.  Already in use in Europe, the new skylight trades the bulbous, dome-style, roof model for a sleek, more modern, less noticeable look.

The skylight will be available in a 14″ diameter model with rigid tubing to begin with.

Bruce Mosher, Velux Sun Tunnel product manager, said in a press release, “These new skylights should be attractive in exclusive developments with demanding architectural specification requirements.

Sun Tunnel skylights can be used when a view is unnecessary.  They’re popular in areas such as hallways, closets, stairways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, according to Velux.

Credits: Velux USA.