Plant wall pioneer McRae Anderson recently introduced this new ebook publication called “Embrace the Vertical” on the topic of vertical green walls.  It’s free, colorful, and concise – just enough to whet your curiosity for more.  Anderson provides a list of plants, some basic case studies, and a little background information on his own Greenwalls product.

Of course, we know plants can be used to clean indoor air.  The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on air-scrubbing plants and green walls can be used to do this.

Living walls are also beautiful, modern, and unique.  They require thoughtful planning and design.  Anderson explains everything from load-bearing capacity to maintenance, from lighting to ventilation.

Anderson is the founder of McCaren Designs, Inc., the company behind the Greenwalls vertical planting system.  Embrace the Vertical includes photos of Anderson’s first installation for the Cleveland Metro Zoo.  Installed in 1993, the lush plant wall is still alive and well to this day.

[+] Read Embrace the Vertical by McRae Anderson.