Insulation is one tough nut to crack. As if you don’t already have several options and factors to consider, I thought I’d mention one more: natural wool insulation by Oregon Shepherd.  The company makes batt (PermaBatt) and loose fill (PermaLoft) insulation products, and they both look pretty impressive on paper.  Oregon Shepard believes they have the “only loose fill, blown-in wool insulation in the world.

The product is fire resistant, vermin resistant, mold resistant, non-toxic, and soft “like a cloud.“  It’s safe to install and recyclable, renewable, and natural, according to the company.

But if you’re looking at price alone, this insulation is more expensive than fiberglass.  Oregon Shepherd sells the product for about $2.75 per pound.  For R13 (3.2 inches), the cost is approximately $0.67 per square foot.

With these attributes at this price — and the popularity of green building these days — one would think that business is good in Oregon.  Indeed, it is.  The company experienced 300% growth in the last 12 months.

For more information, check the Oregon Shepard website or request a sample online.

Credits: Oregon Shepherd.