Sam Flynn's House Container Concept Art (c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Readers noticed the omission of one particular project in our year-end compilation of 15 shipping container projects from 2010.  If you’ve seen TRON: Legacy, you know Sam Flynn (played by Garrett Hedlund) has a cool shipping container house in the movie.  After some investigation, it turns out that a temporary container structure was built as a set on the shore of South Vancouver and later torn down.

Justin Springer, co-producer of TRON: Legacy, explained to Jetson Green in an email: “The shipping container house style was chosen because [director Joseph Kosinski] and our production designer, Darren Gilford, couldn’t find a house for Sam Flynn in Vancouver with suitable architecture and as designers both were interested in retro-fitted shipping containers as living spaces.

Disney Enterprises, Inc. was kind enough to provide the concept art shown in this article and a film frame showing Garrett Hedlund and Bruce Boxleitner in the container house.  If you want to see a little more of Flynn’s container home, watch the beginning of this official trailer on YouTube or go catch the movie in theaters now.

Sam Flynn's House Interior Concept Art (c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Film Frame w/ Sam Flynn, Tron (c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Credits: © Disney Enterprises, Inc.