Southwest Windpower, maker of the Skystream 3.7, unveiled a new version of the popular turbine at CES 2011 called Skystream 600.  The turbine features an improved design with larger blades, enhanced software, and an improved integrated inverter.  And, according to a press release, Skystream 600 will be the “first fully smart grid-enabled wind turbine” on the market when available in April 2011.

With the improvements, Skystream 600 is estimated to produce about 74% more energy than Skystream 3.7.  The small wind turbine can provide an average of 7,400 kWh of energy per year in 12 mph average annual wind speeds.

These numbers are pretty good — about 60% of an average American’s home energy needs — but everything depends on siting, wind conditions, tower height, and several other factors.

Skystream 600 comes with the internet-accessible Skyview system showing users how much energy is produced in real time.  Southwest Windpower told Jetson Green in an email that the company has not yet decided on a price for the new turbine.

[+] More info on the Skystream 600.

Credits: Southwest Windpower.